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Plan your Dream Wedding in our Olive Grove

The scenery and the originality of an unique Villa in a Greek olive garden reveals happiness for the most beautiful event of life.

The setting and the decoration is one of the most important and distinguished aspects of all wedding arrangements. It is also the field where we excel and show all of our passion and artistic predisposition.

The style and the color palette of the wedding is the most essential aspect of the whole decoration and will determine the color and style of the florals and all additional ornaments and decorative installations.

We feel extremely responsible regarding the ceremonial setting and decor. This with respect to the most important moment of the day, following religious or non-religious demands.

Starting with the entrance to the venue, the table hosting the couple and the guest tables, brides pre-wedding room setting for her personal make-up and hair artists, flower arrangements, bride and groom bouquets, car arrangements and decorations, full wedding venue decoration, catering, music, your style and wishes are ours.

Also we consider that elderly guests and family members of age, deserve a comfortable stay, especially during hot spring or summer events. Shaded and /or cool areas will also make their day unforgettable.
Come with your own wedding planner or choose out of our list of local specialists.